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Iowa law says you must be at least 14 years of age, and you must have your instructional permit prior to the start of class.
There is no restriction there. You can obtain your permit on the first day of class if you so choose. The State of Iowa does require that you hold that instructional permit for at least 6 months prior to upgrading to a School License or Intermediate License if you are already 16.
The State of Iowa requires 30 hours of classroom instruction (no more than 3 hours per day). 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of in car observation.
Driving times and partners will be scheduled on the first day of class. Iowa law requires a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel and 6 hours observing the person behind the wheel. Therefore, NO iPods, cell phones, or listening devices will be allowed in the back seat (unless given special permission). Students traveling the longest distance will be given first priority when it comes to driving times. I will be as flexible as possible and try to work around your schedules whenever possible. However I expect the same from you. Driving and Driver Education should be a high priority. Driving and Classroom schedules must be strictly adhered to. Missed driving times will have to be made up and will cost you more money. It is my goal to have all the driving completed when the classroom instruction is completed.
If you passed all your tests and class work, and have completed all your driving and have paid all your fees. You will receive your certificate on the last day of class or your scheduled drive. You must take this certificate with you along with a parent or guardian to the DMV when you upgrade to a school license or intermediate license.
Notebook, paper, pencil, Driver’s Permit, calendar of any conflicts.
It is not necessary for parents to be there on the first day of class with their student/s as long as the student/s bring the required paperwork and payment, if needed.
One Way Driver Training will schedule two make-up days. If a student misses more than two classes, without prior approval from the instructor, they will be dismissed from the class.
There will be a $35.00 fee charged for a duplicate copy of this certificate.
Our course covers topics from ABATE of Iowa (Motorcycle Rider Education)