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Our Mission

To Keep You and Others Safe On Roads

Course Highlights

One Way Driver Training is the best driving school in Eastern Iowa. Gene Nelson (the owner and instructor) has over 20 years experience serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Kalona, Lone Tree, Marion, Mt. Vernon, Solon, Tipton, West Branch, West Liberty, Williamsburg, Wilton, and many more communities!

Gene offer students the opportunity to learn in a fun and relaxed environment with a patient teaching style. He incorporates hands-on experiences and guest speakers to provide for better knowledge retention and comprehension. When students leave the program they will be motivated to be responsible and disciplined drivers. They will understand responsibilities to themselves and others on the road, including the legal and personal consequences of using alcohol and drugs.

We use the Drive Right educational curriculum. Topics include:

The Driving Task

  • You Are the Driver
  • Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings
  • Basic Vehicle Operation
  • Performing Basic Maneuvers

Being a Responsible Driver

  • Managing Risk with the Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute (IPDE) Process
  • Effects of Driver Condition
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving
  • Managing Distractions including cell phones and texting

Controlling Your Vehicle

  • Natural Laws and Car Control including speeding
  • Negotiating Intersections
  • Sharing the Roadway
  • Driving in Adverse Conditions
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Importance of seatbelts

Driving in Different Environments

  • Driving in City Traffic
  • Driving in Rural Areas
  • Driving on Highways
  • Buying and Maintaining a Vehicle
  • Planning Your Travel

Buying and Maintaining a Vehicle

  • Steps to consider when purchasing and insuring a car
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Changing tires

Your License

  • What is needed in applying for your license
  • Steps of the Iowa Graduated Driver Licensing Program

Summer Session
    • Driver Education Instruction in 10 days
    • 30 hours of classroom instruction
    • 2023 Summer Break Session dates:
      August 4th through 18th.
    • Classes will be run from 5:00 to 8:00 pm each day.
    • Travelodge meeting room, 2216 N. Dodge Street, Iowa City
    • Driving schedules will be determined during the first class.
    • Registration fee: $400

Over a thousand satisfied students since 1995

Satisfied Customer Feedback

I think it is a great quick and easy going class.

Elliot H.

One Way Driver Training was wonderful. You want the best when it comes to your daughter getting behind the wheel. Gene Nelson, the instructor/owner of One Way Driver Training, was extremely patient and understanding with my daughter. His 20+ years of experience was extremely helpful when it came to addressing and learning what is important. With our busy schedule, we really appreciated the flexible driving times.

David R.

Your driving instructions were easy to follow and it was very non-stressful.

Shannon K.

I was never stressed out while driving, the class was pretty easy going.

Michelle L.

Great class, awesome teacher. It was a good time… You’re the Man.

Mason M.

I liked the experience, and the way you ran this class. You’re really good at it.

Hannah W.